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Constant Contact InnoLoft Program

February 26th, 2015

IMPACT Melanoma chosen for small business residency program in Waltham

Constant Contact’s Small Business Innovation Program is a residency designed to help startups drive new business with whole-spectrum marketing solutions. At IMPACT Melanoma, we’ll reap the benefits of this opportunity for a four-month residency at the Innovation Loft (InnoLoft). We look forward to the substantial growth and expansion opportunities afforded by the program.

What Happens at the InnoLoft?

Residency at the Constant Contact InnoLoft means access to the company’s myriad resources to solve a variety of small business problems. The InnoLoft takes up 30,000 square feet of space and is touted by the company as a test kitchen, lab, playroom, launch pad, business school, and safe space all rolled into one. We’re proud to be the only non-profit organization chosen to take up residence at the InnoLoft.

During the program, our staff will learn about innovative marketing tactics to help drive interest in IMPACT Melanoma and will have access to the tools we need to attract new supporters and donors. We’ll also be competing with the other four participating companies to earn one of two extended residencies at the InnoLoft, courtesy of Constant Contact. For participating, our team will receive consulting, residence, and workspace at the InnoLoft, as well as mentors in the local venture capital and angel communities.

In addition to all the support and access to resources, the Innovation Program invites industry leaders to work with residency participants. Having access to successful entrepreneurs is a great way for participants to learn how to grow their organizations. Taking advantage of creative synergy is considered one of the most important benefits of working at the InnoLoft.

Looking Ahead With IMPACT Melanoma

For the IMPACT Melanoma team, residency at the InnoLoft means more than just access to resources. It means new opportunities to market the organization and build our education programs. We’ll be able to learn how to make the most of our marketing efforts so we can ensure that as many people in the greater New England area as possible will be aware of and have access to our support, information, and educational programs. We’ll use the resources to expand the reach of our organization by using technology to the reach of our award-winning programs

Learning how to successfully build and grow our organization is also one of our top priorities. We’re eager to learn new troubleshooting strategies that will assist us as we strive toward becoming a wide-reaching, efficient voice in the fight against melanoma.

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