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Skinny on Skin Program

February 12th, 2015

Training salon professionals to recognize skin cancer

Being a salon professional puts you in a unique position to potentially save your client’s lives. Skin cancer manifests in many ways, and with the Skinny on Skin program offered by the Melanoma Foundation of New England, you can learn to recognize the signs and alert your customers to the potential problem before it becomes serious.

Skinny on Skin program

The Unique Advantage of Salon Training

Early detection of melanoma increases a patient’s survival rate, and your clients see you far more often than they see their doctor. No matter what salon or beauty service you’re providing, you’re looking at places that aren’t examined on a regular basis. They might not even know they have the beginnings of skin cancer if an abnormal lesion is located underneath their hair or on their back. Even areas that clients do look at every day may be neglected since they’re used to their bodies and tend to overlook speckles or spots that “have always been there.”

Spotting Suspicious Spots

The Skinny on Skin program helps reduce the morality rate of head and scalp melanomaThe Skinny on Skin program provides melanoma information and support to salon professionals, allowing you to help your clients with health as well as beauty. Using medical training methods, the program teaches you how to spot abnormal moles or other marks that could be the beginnings of a malignant condition. Since the lesions aren’t usually discovered until the late stages, the mortality rate for head and scalp melanoma is particularly high. Detecting potentially dangerous spots in these hard-to-see areas can be invaluable in terms of patient survival.

Communicating With Clients

If you do discover a mark that could be skin cancer, the Skinny on Skin program prepares you to talk to your clients about it. The idea of having any type of cancer can be a scary thing, and clients need to understand that you’re not diagnosing them, just offering advice on how to proceed. After attending this helpful program, you’ll know what to say so that your clients walk away without feeling distressed or upset.

To register for the latest Skinny on Skin training events, click here. These free events are open to New England-area salon professionals and are held in several convenient locations. On Monday, February 2 from 3pm to 5pm, join us at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. For those in Maine, a session will be held on Monday, March 23 from 12pm to 2pm at Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford Medical Center. See our training schedule for more upcoming dates.

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