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The Melanoma Foundation of New England offers support groups for patients dealing with the realities of melanoma. By coming together with others, patients can reduce the feelings of isolation that often accompany a diagnosis of melanoma by providing opportunities to talk with others with the same illness.

We believe that by participating in support groups, educational programs, and other programs, patients can gain self-confidence and develop coping skills to help them deal with their illness regardless of the stage.

The Foundation provides the following support options:

Support Groups for patients and caregivers

Melanoma support groups are offered in multiple locations for patients with melanoma. The groups are led by trained professionals skilled in working with cancer patients. We also assist with support for the families and friends of melanoma patients. There is no charge for these support groups.

We recognize that some people who are dealing with the realities of melanoma may either be not interested in, or unable to attend, a support group at one of our locations. To help provide these people with an outlet for discussion, we host a telephonic support group. The group meets at a designated time and only requires a toll-free phone call.

Click here for a list of in person and telephonic support groups.

Billy’s Buddies

Billy’s Buddies is our one-on-one patient support and advocacy program. Founded in 2006 Billy’s Buddies focuses on providing a wide range of support services so that those struggling with this illness will have the energy, advice, and direction they need to fight this disease.

Click here for more information on Billy’s Buddies.

Melanoma Symposiums

The Foundation offers melanoma symposiums twice a year. The goal for each symposium is to bring together some of the top minds in the medical and support communities to provide updated information and insights, and to answer as many questions as possible.

Click here for more information on Melanoma Symposiums for Patients and Caregivers.

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