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Jessica DeJongh

Jessica DeJongh

Jessica DeJonghI was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma in January of 2003.  I had a small, asymmetrical mole removed from the front of my shin in December.  I was shocked and frightened when I got the news that it was cancer.  I had the area removed a few weeks later and completed a year of Interferon treatments.  The treatments gave me flu-like symptoms and I lost about 75% of my hair.  I continued to work as a second grade teacher through my treatments and kept a positive attitude.  The students helped me to keep my mind off melanoma.

As a child I spent a lot of time outside, not always with sunscreen or appropriate cover.  I had frequent sunburns.  Now, I try to educate the students in my classroom about the dangers of too much sun and how they can protect themselves.


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