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Know Your Moles!

A mole or freckle that changes can be the first sign of skin cancer. People with a few larger moles or many moles are at increased risk.

Remember the ABCs of changing moles   they may be the first signs of melanoma:

Asymmetrical mole

A. Asymmetry

One half of the mole is unlike the other half.

 Border around a mole

B: Border

The border of the mole is irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined.

 Mole colors

C: Color

The mole is varied from area to another. There may be shades of tan and brown and black and sometimes even white, red or blue.

 Mole Diameter

D: Diameter

The diameter of the mole is larger than 6 mm (as a rule), which is the same diameter of a pencil eraser.

E: Evolving

Ordinary moles do not change over time. A mole that changes in size, shape, color, or texture is a warning sign as is a mole that tingles, itches, burns, bleeds, oozes, or feels strange. Another warning sign for melanoma is a sore that does not heal. ANY changes to ANY moles in ANY way should be evaluated by a doctor immediately!

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