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Video: Don’t Wait!

Did you know that the majority of late-stage melanomas are found in white males over 50?  Regular skin exams and skin checks by a dermatologist can prevent many of these melanomas.  Our “Don’t Wait” video highlights the importance of trusting one’s instincts and taking the initiative to have a suspicious mole evaluated by a doctor or dermatologist.  Early detection saved the lives of the three men whose stories are told in this video.

Special thanks to Donn Heath, Peter Martin and Tom Reilly who participated in the video production and shared their individual journeys.  David Fisher, MD, chief of the MGH Department of Dermatology, director of MGH’s Melanoma Center, and director of the MGH Cutaneous Biology Research Center provided expert advice in the video.  David also serves on our medical advisory board.

We are promoting “Don’t Wait” at the grass roots level with melanoma survivors sharing their stories in their communities, in the press, and through social media.  If you are interested in getting involved  please contact us at

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