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IMPACT Melanoma Cited in Study Conducted by the University of Colorado

IMPACT Melanoma has been cited as an influencing force in a recent study on melanoma rates conducted by the University of Colorado.

On December, 28th 2016, JAMA Dermatology published the findings of Jessica B. Mounessa, BS, Joseph Vincent Caravaglio, BA, and Robert P. Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH.

The study examined data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Cancer Statistics database titled Cancer Types Grouped by State and Region. (Reference). Of the 48 states with reported melanoma death rates for both the 2003 and 2013 periods, 23 states (48%) experienced a decrease, 4 states (8%) experienced no change, and 21 states (44%) experienced an increase in death rates (figures below).

As part of the findings, IMPACT Melanoma’s programming was cited as one of the influential factors that may have contributed to the decline in the Northeast. The study states “The Northeast, specifically New England, is the only US geographic region in which most states experienced a reduction in both death and incidence rates. Strong skin cancer prevention programs likely played a role in this region’s success. For example, IMPACT Melanoma, a nonprofit organization founded in 1999, became more active over the period we assessed. Recently, IMPACT Melanoma launched the Practice Safe Skin initiative, which funded sunscreen dispensers in public and recreational areas throughout Boston and expanded to include other New England cities.6 Such programs may enhance public awareness about skin cancer and may suppress the continual rise in melanoma” (Reference).

“The study highlights the importance of further funding of skin cancer prevention programs such as IMPACT Melanoma, at the state, regional, and national level” stated Jessica Mounessa, a lead investigator on the study. “This will enable us to gain insight into which programs work best and positively impact a larger population of Americans.”

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