Education, prevention and support for the most serious form of skin cancer.

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“I was very excited to launch the Skinny on Skin program in my salon. This program has given us the confidence to analyze the skin and open the conversation with our clients about possible concerns. This past year there have been numerous times we have been able to identify a suspicious mole or mark, then recommend the client see a Dermatologist, and it was either pre-cancerous or cancerous. As an owner I value programs that educate not only my staff but also my clientele! This is the perfect program for our industry because we see our clients so regularly and they trust us. My hope is one day all salons will have access to this incredible program!” — Vicki White, Owner, Salon E.

“As hair stylists we always want our clients to look and feel their absolute best. Our devotion to our clients combined with our passion for the artistry of hair inspired us to team up with MFNE to deliver protection against melanoma. After being trained, our staff feels confident and educated about melanoma and how to detect it very early on. Since our clients see us more frequently then their health care professionals, we look forward to providing another line of defense for them against this deadly disease.” – Jarrod Drugge, Posh Salon

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