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It Works


This year’s Your Skin Is In program features the stories of survivors, volunteers, students and others who have been personally affected by IMPACT Melanoma’s 8 year program. Your Skin Is In WORKS, and the stories below show how you can make an impact in the life of a young adult!



“I can say with confidence that the Your Skin Is In program saved my life. Something about Meghan’s story resonated so deeply within me. I left that presentation and decided to make a change in the way I was treating my skin. Fast forward three years, even though I had changed my behavior, I had already damaged my skin beyond repair and I was diagnosed with melanoma.” – Bridget




“Thanks to the Your Skin Is In Program, Salem State University realized how harmful our “Clipper Card” relationship with the local tanning salon was for students’ health and thus was discontinued. Students can no longer receive university-endorsed tanning promotions! Thank you YSII!” – Kalei




“After hearing Heather’s story, I canceled my tanning appointments for prom and set one up with my dermatologist instead. I’m going to take the Your Skin Is In Pledge!” – Sabrina





“I am greatly motivated to encourage my friends and family to be smart when it comes to the sun and indoor tanning beds and hopefully it is paying off.  Your Skin Is In has really helped make that possible!” – Kristen






“I stopped using tanning beds and now I have to admit, I love the skin I’m in!” – Kelsey






“Our students were fully engaged and I feel the information that was imparted WILL make a difference in their decision making regarding tanning.” – Deb, Mt. Alvernia High School


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