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Team Running for Cover – 2013 Boston Marathon

Kevin Belanger – Haverhill, MA
Kevin runs in honor of his younger sister, Denise, who sadly lost her battle with melanoma 3 years ago. Denise was the driving force in her company’s Relay for Life campaign and led them to their highest fundraising year ever. Kevin plans to continue her legacy by fundraising for MFNE and running the Boston Marathon in her name. To help Kevin with his mission, make a donation today.

Larissa Brewster – Boston, MA
Since 2006, Larissa spent her summers lifeguarding for the Town of Barnstable.  In 2008, one of their lifeguards, Glenna, passed away from melanoma at the age of 25. Larissa fought hard to pass Glenna’s Bill, a bill designed to prohibit tanning for children under the age of 16 and the need for parental consent between the ages of 16 and 18. Larissa’s sister, who is also a lifeguard, was diagnosed with melanoma this past June. Help Larissa cross the finish line and make a donation today.

Scott Burkart – Westwood, MA
Scott has joined Running for Cover for his second year, this time as a qualified runner. Scott runs in honor of his older brother, Chris, who was diagnosed with melanoma a couple of years ago. He also runs in memory of Bill Walls, who lost his battle with melanoma six years ago. Our program Billy’s Buddies was created after Bill’s family received support throughout his battle and wanted other families struggling to receive the same kindness. Make a donation to Scott to help him exceed his goals.

Peryn Coady – San Diego, CA
Originally from Boston, Peryn will be returning to the East Coast to run with Running for Cover this April, not only as a melanoma survivor, but in memory of her father. Her father passed away from melanoma at the age of 46. Then, in 2010 at the age of 46, Peryn was also diagnosed with melanoma. She underwent eight surgeries and many weeks of treatments, which didn’t allow her to run for a year and a half. She is thrilled to be back on the road and running the Boston Marathon to celebrate her recovery. To donate to Peryn, please call 978-371-5613.

Carla Cole – Rye, NH
Carla has joined Running for Cover for her first Boston Marathon because melanoma is a cause near and dear to her. Her uncle, Ronald Dupont, passed away due to complications from melanoma in 2004. “This was hard because my uncle was my father figure in my life and such an amazing man.” On a closer note, Carla was diagnosed with melanoma in June of 2000. She is thankful that she was diagnosed early and was able to get it all in surgery. Carla have been melanoma-free ever since. Help Carla cross the finish line by donating today.

Kimberly Coppinger – Newburyport, MA
This will be Kim’s sixth year running with MFNE in the Boston Marathon. Each year, Kim runs for her 35 year old cousin who lost his battle with melanoma. By running she is able to keep his memory alive and make others away how deadly melanoma can be. To support Kim, please call 978-371-5613.

Richard Coutu Jr. – Fishers, IN
Almost ten years ago, Richard and his wife Jill lost their very close friend, Rich, to melanoma. To celebrate this anniversary and remember their friend, Richard will be running the Boston Marathon with Running for Cover. Another close friend of their’s, Melissa McGrath, was diagnosed with stage II melanoma two years ago. Richard has been inspired by Melissa’s courage and strength and will join her on race day at the starting line. You can support Richard by making a donation today.

brian-cupckaBrian Cupka – Morristown, NJ
Brian will be joining Team Running for Cover for his first Boston Marathon in honor of his nephew, Colin Schriver, and in memory of a colleague. Colin was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma when he was 26 years old. After treatments, Colin is now doing well. Unfortunately, Brian’s colleague was not as fortunate and lost his battle to melanoma two years ago. To support Brian, please make a donation today.

greg-and-erinGregory & Erin Earley – Amherst, NH
This father/daughter duo have been running with IMPACT Melanoma for a number of years at a number of races. Each race they do is in honor of their wife/mother, Kathy. Kathy was diagnosed with stage III melanoma in 2007, and this past fall she celebrated five-years of being melanoma free! To support Greg or Erin, please call 978-371-5613.

Tyler Finn –
 Rydal, PA
Although an accomplished runner, having completed a number of races including the Jungfrau Alpine Marathon, Tyler has joined Running for Cover for his first Boston Marathon. A few year’s ago, his wife, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with melanoma after finding a lesion on her neck. Since then, they have done a lot to educate themselves about the disease and protect their family from the dangers of the sun. To support Tyler, you can make a donation today.

Megan Gezen – Lynchburg, VA
Megan will be running in honor of two melanoma survivors, her aunt and her running partner, Angela. Through their daily 5am runs, Megan has seen Angela as she worries about her melanoma returning, as she went through all of her doctors appointments, and as she continues to takes measures to protect herself. This will be their sixth marathon together. Help Megan cross the finish line, make a donation today.

Neil Gottlieb – Garnet Valley, PA
After 43 years spent not wearing sunscreen or even thinking about the implications of a “nice tan”, Neil was diagnosed with stage I melanoma. Thankfully, he was able to have it removed with clear margins. Neil will be running the Boston Marathon to help raise awareness so that other can avoid his fate. To help Neil raise awareness, make a donation today.

Kristen Gray –
Rye, NH
Kristen runs to raise melanoma awareness. Skin cancer runs in her family, both Kristen’s brother and sister as well as Kristen herself have all had basal cell carcinomas, a non-melanoma form of skin cancer. Additionally, Kristen’s father was diagnosed with a melanoma on his neck. Thankfully after treatment, he is doing well. To support Kristen, call 978-371-5613.

David Kay –
Leesburg, VA
Running saved David’s life. While training for a race, David decided to get a small mole removed because it was constantly irritated by his running shorts. The mole was diagnosed as stage III melanoma. If David hadn’t been running, he may not have gone to his doctor and caught his melanoma early enough. David will be celebrating his 5 year melanoma free anniversary on Marathon Monday. What better way to celebrate than by running the Boston Marathon! To make a donation to David, visit his fundraising page.

Kristin Lawhorn – Woburn, MA
Kristin has joined Running for Cover as an advocate for skin cancer prevention. Her grandmother, Marie Walton, had a mole behind her ear. She let the mole go unchecked for too long and it eventually turned into a tumor. At the age of 82, the doctors were not able to remove the whole tumor. After a long battle with melanoma, Marie passed away. Kristin will run this April in honor of her grandmother and to help teach other athletes how important sunscreen is. Help Kristen cross the finish line by making a donation today.

Randy Leblanc – Waltham, MA
At the age of 28, Randy’s wife was diagnosed with melanoma. She discovered a mole on her back when she was six months pregnant. Sadly she lost her battle with melanoma. Randy will be running the Boston Marathon in honor of his late wife and to educate others. “Education is the key to early detection.” To support Randy, you can make a donation today.

Nick Magnini – Buffalo, NY
Nick runs in memory of his grandfather who passed away from skin cancer years before Nick was born, never having the chance to meet him.  The other driving force behind Nick’s training will be raising awareness.  Living in Buffalo, NY, many people don’t think of themselves at risk for skin cancers because the weather is not “tropical”, and Nick hopes to educate and spread the word on how to take precautions against the sun in all weather elements.  Recently having trained for the cancelled New Yor City Marathon, Nick is excited to be on the Running for Cover Team and come to Boston.  To help Nick raise awareness and educate, please click here to donate today learn more about Nick and help him cross the finish line!

Stephen McGunnigal – Norwell, MA
Stephen has joined Running for Cover for his first marathon. Stephen is running in memory of his grandfather, Kevin Sullivan, who recently passed away from stage 4 melanoma. He was first diagnosed two years ago when a lump was discovered on his back. Stephen hopes to educated others in the fight against melanoma. To support Stephen, make a donation today.

Guadalupe Martinez – Brookline, MA
Guadalupe will run this April not only as a melanoma survivor, but in memory of her dear friend Kenny Koyes. Kenny was diagnosed in the Fall of 2005 with Stage 3 melanoma and lost his courageous battle on November 2, 2008. His fighting spirit has inspired Guadalupe to run the Boston Marathon with IMPACT Melanoma to raise awareness and education about melanoma. You can make a donation to Guadalupe today to support her efforts.

Melissa McGrath – Fishers, IN
Melissa had an ever changing mole on her upper thigh that, in hindsight , she now knows clearly met all of the diagnosing criteria for melanoma (the ABCDEs). Prior to her diagnosis, Melissa had asked several doctors about this mole, but none expressed major concern. In August of 2010, Melissa learned that this mole was stage 2 melanoma. “I truly believe had I known the characteristics of melanoma, I would have been more proactive in my care,” explained Melissa. She has decided to run the 2013 Boston Marathon with IMPACT Melanoma to teach others the simple identification and prevention techniques for melanoma that could save lives. To help Melissa cross the finish line, make a donation today.

Elizabeth McHugh – Colchester, VT
Betsy will set out on a 26.2 mile journey this April in honor of her grandfather, Thomas McHugh. Thomas, who was an accomplished sprinter in his youth, was diagnosed with melanoma several years ago. Thankfully, they were able to treat it and Thomas has since fully recovered.   To support Betsy, make a donation to her efforts today.

Coreen Melville – South Boston, MA
This April, Coreen will be lacing up her sneakers and running the Boston Marathon with IMPACT Melanoma in honor of her sister. A few years ago, Coreen’s sister had a mole removed from her back that was diagnosed as melanoma. This scare caused Coreen and her family to be more aware of the dangers of the sun and to take proactive measures to protect their skin. Help Coreen spread awareness of melanoma by making a donation, please call 978-371-5613.

Jen Muckley – Charlotte, NC
Jen’s biggest fan has always been her father. When he was diagnosed with melanoma in 2011, Jen dove into a training regimen to qualify for the Boston Marathon to give her father something positive to think about. The morning of the Corning Wineglass Marathon, Jen’s father was in too much pain from the melanoma tumors to go watch the race. Although she was upset, Jen took to the pavement on a mission for her father. She wore a second bib on her back that stated “My father is fighting stage IV melanoma… makes this seem easy!” Encouragement from her fellow runners and the thought of her father’s smile when she qualified, pushed her passed the finish line with 7 minutes to spare. Sadly, just over a month after the race, Jen’s father lost his race against melanoma. Jen will be running the Boston Marathon in honor of her father. To help her cross the finish line again, make a donation today.

Nathan Nachlas – Boca Raton, FL
Being a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Nachlas has seen a number of melanoma patients. Dr. Nachlas will be running with IMPACT Melanoma to help raise melanoma awareness and to teach others of the importance of taking preventative measures before it’s too late. To support Nathan, call 978-371-5613.

Angela Olmsted – Lynchburg, VA
After learning she had Stage I invasive melanoma in 2008, Angela decided to reevaluate her life goals and priorities. She started running more avidly. She found a running partner in her friend, Megan Gezen, and they started to train for their first marathon in 2009. Every run Angela goes on reminds her of how thankful she is to be alive and able to run. Angela will run the Boston Marathon this April in honor of those who were not as fortunate to catch their melanoma early. She hopes to spread awareness of just how important early detection is. To help Angela cross the finish line, you can make a donation today.

Deanna Perry – Gloucester, MA
Deanna started running over 3.5  years ago and hasn’t looked back.  Through all of her races she’s had an amazing friend, supporter, and run buddy, Heather Fraelick. Heather was diagnosed with melanoma about 6 years ago. She put up a tough fight and has been cancer free for over five years now. It was Heather’s courage to fight melanoma head-on that inspired Deanna to run the Boston Marathon with IMPACT Melanoma. To support Deanna, you can make a donation today.

Ross Ramey – Jaffrey, NH
Throughout his medical career, Ross has always encouraged his patients to take care of thier skin and have a yearly skin exam. Recently, one of his patients was diagnosed with widespread melanoma and is currently undergoing treatments. To support her and others with the same diagnosis, Ross has decided to run the Boston Marathon with Running for Cover. He wants to raise awareness of the importance of reducing sun exposure and prevention before treatment is necessary. You can make a donation today to support Ross.

Terry Rush – Plymouth, MI
In 2008, in preparation for an Ironman event, Terry decided to shave his head. Upon doing so he discovered a mole that was later diagnosed as melanoma. Terry will lace up his sneakers on Marathon Monday as a member of Running for Cover to help raise awareness of melanoma. To support Terry and make a donation, please call 978-371-5613.

Paul & Eileen Seitz – Nashville, TN
This husband and wife duo is excited to head to the starting line in April with Team Running for Cover.  Thanks to a coworker who knew the ABCDE warning signs of melanoma, Paul was diagnosed with melanoma while it was still in a early stage. Early detection saved their young family from losing a husband and father. They have joined IMPACT Melanoma to promote awareness about the importance of early detection and advocate for preventative measures. To support Paul and Eileen, you can make a donation today.

Robin Travers – Arlington, MA
Robin is back for her fourth Boston Marathon with Team Running for Cover. As a dermatologist , IMPACT Melanoma’s mission of education, prevention and support hits close to come. As a qualified runner Robin already had her official B.A.A. bib number but wanted to add meaning to her run by running and fundraiser for the Running for Cover team.  To support Robin make a donation today.

Amy Walls – Needham, MA
As the President of the Board of Directors for IMPACT Melanoma, Amy is invested in all of IMPACT Melanoma’s many programs. Six years ago, Amy’s husband, Bill, lost his courageous battle with melanoma. Throughout his fight, Amy and her family received endless support from their friends and family. It was Bill’s wish that others suffering from this disease would receive the same kindness he and his family did. From this, our program Billy’s Buddies was born. To support Amy, call 978-371-5613.

David Zucker – Cambridge, MA
First time marathoner, David Zucker is running in honor of his grandfather, Irving Mande, aka Papa.  Papa was diagnosed with melanoma long before David was born and was given six months to live.  In the face of such tragedy, David’s Papa reinvented himself as the strict, veggie-loving, fitness-crazed disciplinarian that Davidwould come to know and love.  “While I may have thought that wide-brim hats and daily jogs (even on vacation) were crazy, he knew better” said David.  “If he were alive today, he would be as proud of my running the Boston Marathon as anything I have ever done. ” Help David cross the finish line by donating today.

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